Visiting Teams

Here at Lauro Golf Bowls Club we are pleased to welcome visiting teams to our home.

Every year we have the pleasure of entertaining around 25 Touring sides, mainly from the UK. Most of these are here on bowling holidays with one of the specialist Bowls Holiday companies but we also have a smattering of independently arranged Tours too.

Because of airline weight restrictions most of our visitors prefer to play "Rinks" matches, a format we rarely play here , so we enjoy the change almost as much as we enjoy the company of our guests.

Most visiting Clubs choose to tour in either October or March and so our schedule can be a little full at these times - we often find ourselves playing 4 different Clubs in a week.

Having 8 rinks gives us a great deal of flexibility in the numbers of visitors we entertain, with Touring teams being anywhere between 4 and 8 rinks.

While the games themselves are competitive we also play in a friendly spirit and the results rarely matter - as long as we enjoy ourselves.

Of course we also enjoy socialising with our guests after the game and with our bar prices being well below those of the UK, it is safe to say the guests enjoy socialising too!

We can also offer light lunches if booked in advance, usually a range of freshly made sandwiches but we have been known to offer BBQ on occasion too - when the visitors aren't in a rush.

While we do recommend booking your Bowls holiday through one of the specialist companies, should you wish to book a match independently, you can contact our Secretary, Jane Richardson, on