Coaching & Training

Very few people can take up a sport and excel at it immediately. Most of us need to learn the basics and it is better to do that right from the start with advice from someone who knows what they are talking about. Hopefully before you start to develop bad habits.

For new bowlers we offer not just the initial coaching but ongoing support from our coaching team."

As you play the game you do, quite naturally, develop your own style of play. Little changes that feel better to adopt or cause less discomfort perhaps. Sometimes, though, some unintentional changes can add inconsistencies or make it more difficult to improve or even make your game worse.

A good coach can make all the difference, can spot the often little things that are holding you back. For experienced bowlers it is not always about tearing apart your delivery or drastically changing your stance. It may be a simple finger change, or arm movement that will bring you back to your best.

All the top sportsmen make use of a coach, not because they think they are bad at their chosen sport but because they know they need to watch out for bad habits.

Often experienced Club Members feel if they ask for coaching advice it will be seen as an admission they are not good enough. It should instead be seen as recognition that we can all improve.

Our Coaching Team is always willing to give free advice and on-green coaching to all our members. If you have a problem, or just feel you would like individual help to improve your game, don't be afraid to approach us.

Training Days

In 2016 the Committee made a committment to offer additional training to people of all ability levels and for all positions within our normal Triples format.

Throughout 2022 we will be once again be offering Training Sessions on non-Club days to those who want to improve their knowledge and skill levels.

These won't be Coaching per se, we will not be telling you to change your grip or swing your arm more.

We will instead be discussing the role each position plays in ultimate goal of winning the end and the game.
We will also discuss the progression from one position to another and when or even if you should think about moving up.

We will incorporate etiquette, the Laws of the Game and interacting with your team mates and your Opposition but the main object will be to give a better understanding of just what is expected from each Team Member.

We will show you training exercises and "Purposeful Practice" exercises designed to help you develop your skill in your chosen role.

These Training sessions will be on-going with the aim to hold one of each week. Members are welcome to attend any or all of them, regardless of their current skill level. Hopefully there will be something for everyone,