Penarth Bowls Club Tour - 14th October 2019

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Penarth Bowling Club

This was the first visit to our Club from historic Penarth Bowling Club. Grey skies greeted their arrival as the first real cold snap of the Autumn hit us. Happily the sky turned blue and the match was played in a great atmosphere.

As usual in this busy period we put out a team of mixed experience, blooding some new bowlers to "competitive" bowling and leavening the mix with a wide selection of other bowlers.

We started the morning with a group photo in the bright sunshine and under the Spanish Flag. From there we invited our visitors to participate in a free Spider shootout for big money prizes (2 whole euro) and a bottle of wine. Sue got closest to the 2 euros, while Viv got the wine for ending up closest to a jack that almost always gets moved from its original spot.

The Match was over 6 rinks and it is fair to say everyone had a really enjoyable time. As always we all bowled some good bowls and we all bowled some that we would have liked back.
Unusually Penarth managed to win on THREE rinks!
The overall result is academic and of little relevence to us. We also won on 3 rinks, it is fair to say that we also broke even on the after-match relaxing

As always we looked for someone with a sense of humour to present with the Giraffe Award. Thanks to Nick Chandler for taking it in the right spirit.