Club Information

Information on this page can be downloaded on PDF Format HERE or from the Club Secretary.

Bar Duties

Because we are a member’s club and enjoy the convenience of our own bar, we do rely on our own members to carry out bar duties, which we operate on a rota system.
We have a monthly calendar displayed on the notice board highlighting when bar staff are required, but as we have plenty of willing helpers, you will only be called on to do a shift about once every two months.
Naturally full training and help is given, so there’s no need to panic!
If you want further information, please contact a member of the Bar Management team

All Members are expected to take their turn at a Bar Duty

Club Keys

If you ever wanted to come along on a non-club day, you are more than welcome.
All we ask is you clean up after yourselves, and make sure the clubhouse and gate is locked securely when you leave.

Keys to the Club House are stored in a small safe near the entrance to the club – specific details / access codes etc will be provided upon joining.
The Clubhouse has an Alarm system, Make sure you disarm it when you enter and re-arm it when you are finished
Keys for the toilets are located on the board in the clubhouse (on the right hand side of the door). Again, if used, can you please ensure you return them to the Club house.

Please contact any member of the Committee if you need any further information

Health & Safety

First Aiders:
We currently have 3 fully qualified first aiders, namely:
Peter Meyerhoff - email:
Crystal McCallam - email:
Janet Passingham - email:
We plan to run further first aid courses throughout the year, therefore if anyone is interested, please contact Peter Meyerhoff for information.

We have a defibrillator at the Club, which is located next to the first aid box in the Club House.
This is a very expensive piece of equipment, therefore when not in use it is stored in Locker No.16. The key for which will always be on the far right hand side of the notice board, adjacent to the bookcase.
The first person to open the bar is tasked with ensuring the defibrillator is hung up next to the first aid box, and the last person to leave the club is tasked with ensuring it is returned to Locker No.16.
It is easy to use, but full training will be given to everyone by Peter Meyerhoff. However, let’s hope we never need it.

If you need any further information, please contact any member of the Committee.


Because this is a Member’s Club, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the club clean and tidy at all times.
Although we have various “maintenance days” during the year, where we have a squad of willing volunteers doing essential repairs, repainting, cleaning, etc, it would be nice if all members occasionally came to the club to tidy/sweep up without waiting for one of these days.
All brushes etc are kept round the back of the club house.
Also, if anyone stays behind for a drink and you are the last to leave, could we please ask you to leave all areas clean and tidy.

If you need any further information, please ask any member of the Committee.

Locker Rental

Locker rental commences 1st April.
For all your personal equipment 3 sizes of lockers are available for hire
Large @ €20 per year
Medium @ €15 per year
Small @ €10 per year

If you want further information, please contact the Club Treasurer.

Social Events

We have regular social events during the year – a couple of which will be held for charity, and the rest will be held to generate funds for the club.
All events will be advertised on the notice board by our Social Secretary, and circulated to all members.

Everyone is welcome and if you want to bring guests, they will be more than welcome also.
Any ideas for social activities are also very welcome.

If you want further information about Social events, please contact our Social Secretary.