This protocol is for your health and safety and that of your fellow members.
You will be monitored!
If you are seen not adhering to the Protocol by the authorities you may be warned or fined between 100 - 600 euros!

Every Club is required to set out its own protocols to ensure the safety of its members. A copy of this protocol has been lodged with the FAB.
The FAB has issued a set of Protocols for Lawn Bowls and they can be viewed HERE. These Protocols form the basis for all Clubs to follow and anything mentioned in those protocols but not in ours remain in force.

The following Boletin was issued by the Junta de Andalucia and lays out what we MUST do in order to open our Sports Facility.

Boletín Oficial de la Junta de Andalucía - Histórico del BOJA Boletín Extraordinario número 39 de 19/06/2020
Chapter IX - Prevention measures in teaching and sports

2. Conditions in which the sports activity must take place.

    2.1. Outdoor physical-sports practice.
    2.1.1. Individual or group physical-sports outdoor practice may be carried out, respecting the safety and hygiene measures established by the health authorities for the prevention of COVID-19. In particular those related to maintaining the minimum safety distance or failing that, alternative physical protection measures, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
    2.1.2. The organisers of activities and sports events for leisure and outdoor competition must guarantee the optimal conditions in relation to the staggered participation, distribution and organisation of participants for the safe development of the activity, with 500 being the maximum number of participating athletes allowed. Likewise, the necessary measures must be taken to avoid the concentration of spectators and companions.
    2.2. Physical-sports practice in conventional sports facilities.
    2.2.1. Conventional sports facilities, defined in article 4 of Law 5/2016, of July 19, on Sport in Andalusia.
    2.2.2. Individual or group physical-sports practice may be carried out in conventional sports facilities, respecting the safety and hygiene measures established by the health authorities for the prevention of COVID-19. In particular those related to maintaining the minimum distance from security, or failing that, alternative physical protection measures, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
    2.2.3. It establishes a capacity limit for physical-sports practice of 65% in conventional outdoor sports spaces as well as in covered conventional sports spaces.
    2.2.4. The capacity for spectators will be limited to 65% in conventional outdoor sports facilities, up to a maximum of 84 people and 65% in covered conventional sports facilities, with a maximum of 84 people. The public must remain seated and with pre-assigned seats.
    2.2.5 The general regulations for access to the services of sports facilities, which may be subject to regulatory development in relation to security and hygiene measures for the prevention of COVID-19, must include the following sections:
    a) All persons accessing the sports facility must wash their hands with hydrogels and wear masks. Likewise, there will be hydrogel dispensers at the access to the different sports areas of the sports facility.
    Fines can be exorbitant per non appliance ie. up to 60,000 euros or club closed.
    b) As far as possible, no material will be shared, and if it is essential to share it, measures will be taken for its continuous hygiene.
    c) Sports monitors and sports trainers must maintain the interpersonal safety distance and wear a mask.
    d) The mask will be used during the circulation time between common spaces in the facilities at all times.
    e) The facility must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day.
    f) Beverages and food cannot be shared.
    g) The personal effects of people who access the sports facility can only be left in the spaces provided for this purpose.

    2.3. COVID-19 prevention protocols for physical-sports practice and in leisure and competition sports activities and events.
    2.3.1. For the development of the training of athletes and federated sports clubs and sections, as well as for the resumption of official federated sports activities and competitions in Andalusia, Andalusian sports federations must present a general protocol for the prevention of COVID-19 to the Ministry of Education and Sports and obtain the corresponding authorization after the visa of the Ministry of Health and Families. Said protocol must be prepared in accordance with the guidelines of Annex I.
    Formal disinfecting
    Person or persons will be allocated responsibilities for the formal disinfecting of the facilities after play on any given day, equipped with a protective suit, FFP3 face mask and pressure dispenser.


The majority of our members fall into the official “High Risk” category – age 65 or over, with underlying health issues. It is important that ALL MEMBERS adhere to the FAB Protocols and our own guidelines to ensure the continuing health and safety of our colleagues. 


Lauro Golf Bowls Club must ensure that adequate cleaning and disinfection measures are taken: thorough cleaning and disinfection of the Facility before and after play. Special attention will be paid to common use areas and the most frequent contact surfaces such as door knobs, tables, furniture, handrails, floors, telephones, hangers, and other elements with similar characteristics, in accordance with the following guidelines:

    The bar will not be opened to prevent the need for daily sanitising.
    Seats will be sanitised.
    Disinfectants that have been authorised and registered by the Ministry of Health will be used. In the use of this product, the indications on the label will be respected.
    After each cleaning, the materials used and the protective equipment used will be disposed of safely, and the hands will be washed afterwards.
    Members not involved in this process should not normally be on site while this is being conducted.
Lauro Golf Bowls Club have restrictions on the number of members/players present at any one time during the new normal. Members must adhere to the rules set out based on guidance provided by FEB, FAB & Sports Ministry.

Lauro Golf Bowls Club COVID 19 Co-ordinator (Chrystal McCallum) will liaise with FAB Co-ordinator (Ron Jones) regarding potential infections. Review and control the attendance log to be completed by members arrange formal sanitising before and after bowling days, keep attendance records and contact details of attendees for 28 days.

Members must follow the rules & signs for operating.


Start date 10th September 2020

Max number of persons present at morning or afternoon session: 42 (65% of green capacity 64 persons)

Typically 7 rinks of Triples (42 people maximum on green at any time)

    Members/visitors should carry their Federation Cards when on the premises. Non Federated visitors AND Non-Club Members must provide contact details before playing. Lauro BC will provide sanitising fluids at point of entry and members must sanitise hands on entry.
    Sanitising fluids will also be in WCs and near to each rink.
    On arrival at the Club you must submit to a temperature check.
    Anyone who has a temperature higher than 37.5º cannot enter.
    Masks must be worn when entering through the gate and should be worn correctly at all times while on the premises and on the green and playing.
    Anyone not wearing a mask correctly should be reminded of the requirement to do so and asked to wear the mask correctly.
    Masks can only be removed to allow you to drink, eat and smoke (only in designated area with 1.5 metres apart) or if you are practicing on your own and social distancing must be observed at those times.
    Members with respiratory health issues that allow dispensation for not wearing masks must have their medical report with them or they must wear a mask as directed under the club rules.
    Members must stay away from the club if they show any symptoms associated with the virus or if they know they have been in contact with a known infection in the previous 14 days and must inform the Lauro Golf  Bowls Club Co-ordinator immediately.

Very important!

Prior to Play at roll up

    Masks must be CORRECTLY worn prior to play - unless you prove medical exclusion.
    The names of all persons present for a session will be recorded by each person on the attendance sheet.
    Completed sheets will be retained by COVID 19 Co-ordinator (Chrystal McCullum).
    Use caution when entering the facilities.
    Masks are required on entry to the premises and even where the 1.5m social distancing can be achieved including on the green during play - unless you have medical exclusion with you.
    No physical contact should be made with non-family/members.
    This includes hugs/kisses/handshakes/fist-bumps/elbow-bumps etc.
    Only one person should access the clubhouse or enclosed spaces at a time.
    Bowls bags/equipment must be stored in areas designated for that purpose.
    Players should come dressed ready for play, but may change their shoes.
    Spray the flush handle, toilet seat, tap and door handle/lock before leaving
    the WC & leave door open when exiting. Use hand sanitiser provided
    Social members are allowed access if we comply with capacity restrictions.
Prior to the Organised bowling session

One individual may be allocated pre-bowling responsibilities and they should arrive on site 30 minutes before the scheduled start time.
One person only in clubhouse at time, this does not include bar person on duty.
An allocated person will conduct pre-bowling sanitising of the open areas,
WCs and all doors, locks and handles that are operated to allow bowling.
Mats, jacks & container full of disinfectant will be prepared and set on rinks to be used.
Members must sanitise their own seat to ensure social distancing of 1.5m .
Members are required to use the same seat for the duration of the session. The same seat should be moved with them as necessary.
Tables must be sanitised before and after a sessions play.

Scoreboards and ditch markers
Scoreboards are allowed to be used and the club will organise sanitisation before & after play and only one team will be permitted to operate them for that entire game/session.

Bowling Outside the Organised Sessions
When members visit the club outside with the pre-arranged roll up sessions they will be responsible for applying the rules including conducting the sanitising process and must follow the restrictions and rules in place for the given date.
The members must record their attendance on the sheet provided and circle their name to confirm they performed the pre and post sanitising operations.
They must sanitise all the locks etc and all equipment and structures
touched in the process of allowing play.

Masks must be worn at all times unless you are on your own and on the green.

Coaching & Training
Will be permitted as long as these protocols are followed.

All FAB Malaga Federated members will be allowed to bowl on presentation of their Federation card, subject to rink capacity.
Non FAB members will also be allowed to play or visit but must follow protocols and track and trace requirements.
All Visitors must provide - Full name, address & telephone # for track & trace.
A member on the same rink as the visitor will be responsible for ensuring
visitors adhere to the rules. Only Lauro member to use the scoreboard.
The club member registering the visitor will be responsible for sanitising the club bowls before and after use.

Members Responsibilities

    Face masks must be worn at all times, except when eating and drinking.
    Sign in at the attendance register.
    Sanitise your hands
    Store your bags etc in the designated area.
    Collect and sanitise a chair if required and use for the whole session.
    At end of session return chair to the stack after sanitising.

During play

    Face masks must be worn at all times (Unless Medical exceptions)
    Sanitise the jack every 2 ends in disinfecting bucket provided.
    Adhere to social distancing at all times. Keeping 1.5 metres apart.
    When changing ends walk up/down rink on the right hand side in single file and 1.5 metres apart.
    When at the head or mat area use the adjoining rink (if vacant) to ensure social distancing, if not do this within your own rink or by stepping over the wall.
    Touchers maybe nominated or marked with spray.
    Pushers maybe used to gather bowls, but must be sanitised before and after play
    Avoid passing the Mat or Jack to another player. If you have to -  sanitise your hands frequently!
    One person per rink should accept the responsibility for changing the scoreboard.
    One person per rink should accept responsibility for using the “pusher” -  it would make sense for this to be a number 2 rather than a lead as either lead may be required to be setting the Mat and Jack.  If it is you  -  sanitise your hands frequently!
    IMPORTANT – Face masks must be correctly worn at all times whilst playing! Unless you have an official medical exemption. Your hands should be sanitised regularly during play using the hand sanitiser provided near rink.
    After using the toilet facilities sanitise, the seat, flusher, tap, door handle and key. Sanitise your hands and leave the door open.
Bar Duty Responsibilites
    Sanitise surfaces in the bar before service.
    Respectfully remind members of the one person only in the clubhouse rule and keeping the 1.5 metre distance in the queue outside at the outside service hatch window.
    Regularly sanitise all surfaces
    Remove waste
    Sanitise tables that have been used
    Sanitise toilet exterior and internal door handles
    The above are additions to the normal bar duties.
Member’s Responsibilities After Bowling Session & Socialising
    Jack should be placed in disinfecting bucket.
    Pushers and mats must be sanitised and stored.
    Member’s should use the own original seat for purposes of changing seats & socialising and return their equipment to its allocated locker/storage space.
    Sanitise hands before socialising.
    Remember one person only in the clubhouse at a time, plus member on bar duty.
    When ordering drinks at the window, keep your distance 1.5 metres.
    When socialising after play, masks must be worn except when eating or drinking.
    Smoking in the designated area only. If there are 2 or more Smokers  they must keep a 2 metre distance between them. This also refers to members using vaps or electric cigarettes.
    There should be a maximum of 9 persons per group with a 1.5 metre distance between groups.
    Return your chair to the stack.
    Members should leave immediately after bowling should they feel at risk or witness any attendees showing any potential signs of infection
    If any member feels that they have or may have been in contact with an infected person, they must not come to the club or leave their house for 14 days and the COVID-19 co-ordinator must be informed.
    The COVID-19 co-ordinator must be informed if you develop any symptom of COVID-19.
Closing Up After Organised Bowling Sessions
Those allocated cleaning/sanitising duties for the session should wear gloves and mask while disposing of the remaining waste materials and cleaning up.
The nominated person will perform sanitising operations and check or complete the following before leaving :
  • Pushers have been sanitised and stored.
  • Seats have been sanitised and stacked.
  • Table tops sanitised.
  • Sanitise all exterior and internal WC door handlesLocks should be dis-infected as they are locked.