Club Competitions

Every year the Club Members compete for a total of 8 internal Competitions.
In all of the team events the teams are drawn with the intention of teaming new / inexperienced bowlers with their more experienced Club colleagues.
While this doesn't always work out that way, it does give the newer bowlers a chance to gain experience and - if they are lucky - a chance to win a trophy. Names marked with an * are novices in their first year of bowling.

2016 -17 Season Winners

Drawn Pairs
Winners: Graham Jarret and David Christensen-Rennison
Runners-Up: Ron Jones and Gordon Bulmer*

Spring Cup
Winners: Colin Herbert and David Christensen-Rennison
Runners-Up: Graham Jarret and Tony Frostick

Drawn Triples
Winners: Graham Jarrett Brian Freeman and Gordon Bulmer*
Runners-Up: David Owen-Scott, Tony Frostick and Kristina Williams*

Australian Pairs
Winners: Tom Rogers and Ron Timms
Runners-Up: Brian Freeman and Jane Richardson

Handicap Singles
Winner: Trevor Burgin
Runner-Up: June Baldry

Malcolm Roberts 2 Wood Handicap Trophy
Winner: Graham Jarrett
Runner-Up: Angela Holt

Ladies Singles
Winner: Angela Holt
Runner-Up: Allyson Hayes

Men's Singles
Winner: Trevor Burgin
Runner-Up: Brian Freeman