Club Committee

In common with most Members Clubs - and in compliance with the Club´s membership of the FEB and FAB (Spanish Bowls Federations) - we have an elected Committee to oversee the running of the Club. The Committee will normally convene on the last Thursday of each month and Club Members will be invited to submit items for the agenda TWO weeks before this. Minutes of each meeting will be circulated by email to all Club Members with a hard copy filed in the Committee folder in the Clubhouse

Most Committee posts have a two year term, with half of the Committee elected each year to ensure continuity.

There is no limit to how many times any one Member can stand for election and it is possible for a single member to hold more than one Committee post.

The positions of Club Captain and Vice Captain are elected annually. There is no limit to how many times a Member can stand for election. There is no automatic progression from Vice Captain to Club Captain. Both of these positions are also Committee posts.

Elected positions are:
Club Chairman, Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Club Competition Secretary and Club Bar Manager.
Together with the Club Captain and Vice Captain this gives a nominal Committee of SEVEN people.

In addition, the Club Constitution calls for every Committee meeting to include TWO non-elected members, selected on a rotation basis, who have the right to participate in the meeting but not to vote on decisions. In the event that the Committee be less than seven strong (i.e. someone holds more than one post) additional non-elected members will be called to the meeting to ensure the numbers are maintained.

All Committee members have ONE vote regardless of how many posts they may hold. The Club Chairman may only vote in the event of a tied vote of the other Committee members.

In addition to the elected Committee, there are several posts held by members that are supervised by the Committee but are not part of the Committee.
These include: Social Secretary, Club Development Sub-Committee and the Maintenance Team

Club Committee 2021 - 2022 Season

The current Committee Members are:

Club Chairman    Ron Jones. email address:

Club Secretary   Jane Richardson. email address:

Club Treasurer   Alan Peel . email address:

Club Competition Secretary   Trevor Burgin. email address:

Bar Management Team   Peter Meyerhoff

Captain and Vice Captain 2018 - 2019 Season

Club Captain   Paul Hughes. email address:

Club Vice Captain   Tony Frostick. email address: