Andalucian Championships - All The Latest News

As the Championships continue we will endeavour to keep you up to date with whatever news we can glean

All matches come to Lauro Golf Bowls Club from today.Come along today and enjoy the Quarter Finals in all disciplines.

Farewell Dinner

The original plan was to hold the farewll dinner at the excellent newly refurbished Restaurant in Lauro Golf Club. Unfortunately there is a conflict in dates as the Golf Club are also celebrating thehir 3oth Anniversary that weekend.

The new plan is to hold the farewll dinner at the Lauro Golf Bowls Club where it will be a little more informal but hopefully allow a greater opportunity to mix and socialise.

We wil be offering a buffet / BBQ / Roast provided by a local catering company at a normal price of 14.25 euros per person. With a generous subsidy by both the Malaga Federation and Lauro Golf Bowls Club we are able to offfer this at only 5 euros per person.
Please book in advance with one of the Lauro Catering Staff before Tuesday

Changes to Schedule / Opponents

There have been an unexpected amount of changes to personnel in the few days leading up to the Championships - indeed they are continuing as the event progresses. Please make sure you double check your next round matches in every discipline. The Website will be as up to date as we can keep it.