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24th July - Handicap Singles Competition Underway
The final Club competition of a long, drawn out season, the Handicap SinglesCompetition has finally gotten underway.
Congratulations to Kevin Westwell on his deserved win over Ron Passinghaman in the Final.
For more details click HERE

9th June - Drawn Pairs Competition Underway
With the green now allowed to hold more people, the Drawn Pairs Competition has gotten underway.
Congratulations to Kevin Westwell and Kristina Williams on their deserved win over Graham Pywell and Brian Freeman in the Final.
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7th June - Phase 3 is Introduced
The government has announced that we will enter Phase 3 as of Monday 8th June.
This will be the final Phase before the return to what is being called “the new normal”.
Whilst the National government has set the protocols for Phase 3, they have also devolved power to the Regional governments to decide when and how Phase 3 develops and ends.
Once again there seems to be a difference between sports facilities and other facilities and there is little change to the protocols that affect us in Phase 3.
Here is what I have received so far as explicit instructions:
• Booking no longer necessary – however records of attendance must continue to be maintained.
• 50% use of the green surface up to a maximum of 20 players
(effectively we can use a maximum of 4 rinks)
• face mask not mandatory if the distance of 2 meters is maintained – for those over 70 their use is recommended at all times.
• spectators 1 every 20 meters
• Club bar remains closed, drinks must be brought from home
Effectively the rest of the protocols remain in force from Phase 2.
However, we are in a very fluid situation. The Junta de Andalucia has requested permission to allow travel between provinces.
The FAB has submitted a draft proposal to the FEB to present to the CSD. Hopefully this will allow decisions to be made at a regional level very soon.
The primary concern is that in Lawn Bowls the majority of our members are in the High Risk age bracket which the government continues to try to protect more vigorously than the general population. This may mean that restrictions for our Sport remain tighter for longer.

22nd May
It is with great sadness we report the passing of Konstanse Christensen.
Her death came suddenly after recently being diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus.
She passed quietly in her sleep this evening, falling into a coma from which she never awoke.
Konstanse will be greatly missed.

A long time member of the Club, Konstanse's infectious laughter and bubbly personality sheathed a no-nonsense attitude to her bowling.
A stickler for etiquette and good manners on the green, Kontanse was quick to lend a helping hand to new bowlers and guide them in their fledgling bowling path.
She had a long list of bowling success, winning the Malaga Ladies Triples twice and several Club competitions. Only this season she was part of the winning Drawn Triples team.
She was a proud member of the Malaga Ladies squad.
Her name will long be remembered with affection thanks to the path she was instrumental in having constructed at the end of rink one and which was officially named "Konstanse's Back Passage"

Rest in peace Konstanse, your memory will always bring joy.

Club Re-Opens Under Phase 1 - Tuesday 19th May
Following the announcement that Malaga Province has finally been permitted to move to Phase 1 on the de-escalation, the Club can re-open.
There are a lot of restrictions and an email has been sent to all Club Members listing just what we can and cannot do while visiting the Club.
  • 1. The Club will be open for Club days, at Summer opening times. On Sundays we have added a second session. (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 for 10:00 start and 17.30 for 18.00)
  • 2. There will be a maximum of TEN bowlers allowed for each session.
  • 3. All bowlers must be Club Members and must have a valid Federation Licence and carry it with them at all times. The new licences are currently at the Club for your collection.
  • 4. A Booking system has been introduced. Please call Jane Richardson on 633 495 214 to book a place in a session. You may book for two session per day but if you have booked on one session, priority for the second session will be for those who did not play in the first session.
  • You may book for multiple sessions at a time. Please do not book if you are unsure whether you can make a session. Think of your fellow Members.
  • 5. On arrival at the Club face masks are mandatory before and after a game.
  • 6. On arrival at the Club you must sanitise your hands. Hand Sanitiser is available just inside the Club gates and in several places around the Club.
  • 7. On arrival at the Club, you must put your name and contact details in the Register, along with the date and time of your visit.
  • 8. The Club House will not be open. You may retrieve your bowls equipment if it has been stored there but it should be taken home with you after use.
  • 9. Drinks and refreshments will not be available. You may bring your own but must take your empties away with you afterwards.
  • 10. Socialising before and after games must observe Social Distancing regulations (i.e. outside on the terrace, 2m between people.) and limited time.
  • 11. Bowls bags and personal equipment may not be touched or shared by anyone other than its owner.
  • 12. Do not share water bottles or the like.
  • 13. Mats, Jacks and other bowls equipment to be disinfected at the start of each day and at the end of each session.
  • 14. The jack should be wiped with a disinfecting cloth every two ends.
    Players should use hand sanitiser frequently throughout the game. (You may find it easier to bring your own sanitiser)
  • 15. There will be a maximum of FOUR bowlers per rink.
  • 16. Players must maintain a 2m distance at all times.
  • 17. When changing ends walk on the right hand side, 1m from the centre line , in single file at 2m distance.
  • 18. Masks are not required whilst actually playing.
  • 19. After your session, please wipe down the tables, chairs where you were sitting, wipe down the Mats and return the Jack to the bucket of disinfectant.
  • 20. Should you use the toilets, please use the disinfectant wipes to clean the seat, wash taps etc. and door handles after use.

In a rapidly developing situation the President of Spain today announced emergency measure to try to counter the Corona Virus.
As of today, freedom of movement will be severely restricted with citizens required to stay at home for the next 15 days.
All Bars, Restaurants, Municipal buildings, Sports venues, Beaches, Water Sports sites and public gatherings will be closed as of 17.00 today.
In compliance with that decree the Committee met today (14th March) and agreed that we had a duty of care to our Club Members, most of whom are in the "high risk" group.
As a result it was decided that the Club will be closed with immediate effect until at least the 29th March.

Mac Roberts Trophy
Congratulations to this year's Winner: Kevin Westwell
Sponsored by Malcolm Roberts, this 2 Bowl Singles is one of the two competitions which utilise the Club's handicaps.
Details of the Competition can be found Here

League Season Finishes.
Lions and Bobcats both take 2nd place in their leagues
After a tough camapign both the Lions and Bobcats were able to take second place in their respective leagues. Well done to everyone who took part in their successes.
Our injury ravaged Tigers team struggled as expected and ended up a lowly 5th. Next season will, hopefully, see them challenging for the top spot once more.

Club Singles Championships.
Congratulations to this year's Winners: Ron Jones and Jane Richardson

The Club Singles Championships will be drawn on Sunday 2nd and the first round will be played on Monday 3rd January. The web page with results round by round can be seen Here

Malaga Ladies 2 Bowl Pairs.

Sue and Jenny
Congratulations to Jenny Parkin and Sue Jones for being runners-up in the Malaga Ladies 2 Bowls Pairs Competitions on 29th January.
For more details see the Malaga FAB Website report Here

Malaga Men's 2 Bowl Pairs.
Congratulations to Julian Thomas and Ron Jones for being runners-up in the Malaga 2 Bowls Pairs Competitions on 29th January.
For more details see the Malaga FAB Website report Here

Club Drawn Triples.
Congratulations to this year's Winners: Ron J, Konstanse and Chrystal
The Triples will be drawn on Sunday 5th and the first round will be played on Monday 6th January. The web page with results round by round can be seen Here

Merry Christmas to All our Members and Visitors

Maiden Cup.
Congratulations to this year's Winner: Martin
A recently introduced Competition for those Club Members who have not won any other Club Competition. Although initially meant for new bowlers, it is also open to new members and those longer serving members who have yet to win a Club Competition. The web page with results round by round can be seen Here

Australian Pairs.
Congratulations to this year's Winners: Gordon & Kristina
This year the first Club Competition of the Season is the Australian Pairs. The draw for teams was made Tuesday 10th and the competition runs on 11th and 12th. The web page with results round by round can be seen Here

Club Competitions Due to Start Soon.
Competition Secretary Trevor Burgin is preparing to announce the schedule for this season's Club Competitions.
Information about the Competitions can be found Here and the page will be updated to include dates and details of the competitions as they are received.

League Season Gets Under Way.
All three Leagues are now fully under way. In the Tigers the team is doing well and is 8 points ahead of the same games last year, despite only winning one of the first three games. Close defeats to Santa Maria (Home) and Benavista (Away) and a win against Miraflores (Away) - a match we lost last year - sees our Tigers team looking to climb the table in the next few matches.
In the Lions League, two superb 10-0 victories and a close 3-7 away defeat to Santa Maria keeps us in second place, just 2 points behind the league leaders.
In the newly formed Jaguars league our Bobcats team is performng even better than expected. With only 8 points at stake each week they have won both of their opening fixtures - including a very impresive 7-1 victory over title favourites Santa Maria to put them top of the league by 4 points.
For full results see the Malaga Web site where all results and the latest tables are updated each Saturday.

2nd Oct 2019 - The Lauro Festival A Huge Success.
Traditionally the first Club event of the season, the Lauro Festival attracts a good crowd of competitive bowlers. With sponsorship from Seviour Insurance and Liberty Seguros the disciplines include Open Pairs. Open Triples and Open Fours.
For more information and a report see the Lauro Festival webpages Lauro Festival

2nd Oct 2019 - October Visiting Teams Make for a Busy Week
This week sees the start of a hectic few days for Club Members as we welcome visitors from around the UK. October Visiting teams

29th Sept 2019 - Andalucian's Once Again Bring Success to Lauro Bowlers
Congratulations to Kevin Westwell for his stunning vistory in this year's Andalucian Championships. Kevin has a reputation as a specialist Singles player and proved it once again with a 21-2 victory against Santa Maria's Craig Lewis - no slouch in the Singles game himself.
Elsewhere in the Championships saw Julian Thomas win his THIRD Mixed Fours Title - with three different teams. Congratulations to him and his Santa Maria Team mates.
In the Men's Pairs we were unlucky not to be celebrating another title whenKevin Westwell and last year's Singles Champion Marcus Smith took the Final game to TWO extra ends before losing to a Craig Lewis and Phil Baldry 15-16. Very well done to both our players.
For more information and a full list of results see the Malaga FAB website:Andalucian's

19 Sept 2019 - 24 Hour Bowls Marathon raises 2300€
Despite having to be delayed following the unprecedented storms and flooding overnight the 24 Hour Bowls Marathon went ahead the following day.
6 Club Members bowled in 12 two hour Triples games against teams of mixed abitlity, including golfers, other club members and teams from other bowls Clubs. Remarkably they played 12, won 10, drew one and only lost one in a gruelling test of stamina and skill. More details and photos 24 Hours Marathon

11th Sept 2019 - Malaga Summer Championships A Big Hit for Lauro Bowlers
The Summer Championships were held at Mijas LBC this year and the change of venue brought more success to Lauro bowlers.
In the Open Pairs we saw Paul Hughes and Kevin Westwell romp through all opposition with barely a ripple, scoring good wins in all of their matches, taking the Trophy with a typical 21-10 victory. Congratulations to both players.

In the Mixed Fours Ron Jones , Tony Barnes, Julian Thomas and Sue Jones won thruogh to the Final with comparative ease only to have Sue drop out when thier dog Buddy had to be taken to the Vet after suffering an injury. (Don't worry, he is now fine and recovering well) Fortunately they were able to enlist the aid of Jane Richardson for the Final itself, as she hadn't played in the discipline before. The slightly revamped line up still proved too much for their home club opposition and they romped to a 20-7 victory. Congratulations to all 5 of the Mixed Fours team.

A special mention to Hazel Guttridge who reached the Final of the Ladies Singles. Hazel played really well, taking a healthy lead and looking safe before a superb comeback from Marie Carmen Foletti saw her just pipped at the post. Hazel was holding two bowls for game before the final bowl of Marie Carmen trailed the jack back to her waiting bowls to pick up the three shots she needed to win. Congratulations to Hazel for gettng to the Final.
For more information see the Malaga FAB website Summer Championships